Storytelling 2 Success: The Hero Maker Blueprint

Storytelling 2 Success and the Hero Maker Blueprint A story is very much like a business.  A story consists of three main parts: 1) Characters2) Problem3) Solution - the Hero.  Who wants to be the hero of their story?



Marketing is essential 2 the success of business

Can I let you in on a little secret? Marketing is essential 2 the success of your business.  But I know, I am not telling you something that you don't already know.  Without a doubt though, it is the start of what sustains any business…the sales process.

But right now at this very moment, do you know who is in market for your product or service?  More importantly, is there a way to determine it or at least give us a starting point, which we can then move forward?  I think it is this awareness, which could be the crux on your journey 2 success.

You have heard the statement, “Timing is…..everything,” correct?  Whether you are asking for the sale or making the call or pull the pizza out of oven, timing is important.  Think about it, you pull that pizza out too early and you have more gooey things than just the cheese.  Or if you forget and are reminded by the piercing “alarm” timer (aka fireman breaking down your door) and you have an irate customer.  And timing has just as much importance in the overall strategy that you employ with your marketing.  Not as much the timing when you send a piece, but that is important.  But understanding the timing cycle of the business or individual to which you are marketing.

Let me explain further and knowing this little statistic should bring some clarity.

Chet Holmes in his great book, The Ultimate Sales Machine, talks about the percentage of people who are buying right now.  In his research, he determined that 3% of people are “buying right now.”  No matter what you are selling at that moment, only 3% of the people are buying: furniture, cars, pizza, …your widget.

What is more interesting is the breakdown of the other 97%?  The majority of who you are hoping will be “wowed” by your new brochure.

This 97% breaks down like this:

7% of the people are “open to the idea of buying.”  They may be dissatisfied with what they are currently using, but maybe some metaphorical duct tape will solve the problem for now.

The next 30% are “not thinking about it.”  It is not to say they are opposed to buying what you are selling, it just isn’t top of mind for them.

Then comes the 30% that “don’t think they’re interested.”  They are further south of neutral on the subject.

The final 30% “know they’re not interested”.  I am pleased with what I have already, so why would I rock the boat and change, is this group’s mantra.

With these numbers in hand think about when you market to a cold prospect.  90% – 97% of your marketing message is falling on potentially deaf ears.  No wonder we only get a 1% - 2% response on our cold marketing.

I think Holmes research gives each of us a tremendous platform to start from, as we design our online marketing strategies.  We need to create a strategy that will draw more and more of the 97% into our marketing/relationship building funnel.  With that strategy in place, we are ready to employ the necessary tactics when someone moves into the 3% zone.


Make it a great day!

How do you tell your business story?

What do you say when some asks you, "what do you do?"

Here is a way you might paint what you do.


Imagine you receive a call from Van Andel arena to come to present at an event. You ask, "what kind of event?" They inform you that it is the, "Your Top Prospects" annual conference. You are ecstatic and quickly agree.

On your way to the event a thought blasts into your head, "what am I going to say?' A flood of sheer terror and cold sweat hits you as you try to calm yourself to no avail.

As you arrive at the arena, your mind is going a million miles a minute determining what you will say, as the event planner is directing you to where you will present. Then like a ice cold shower hitting you, you notice that all of your competition has been invited too.

And everyone will speak at the same time!

Now what? The planner jolts you back to reality, "there is your spot, " pointing to a spot on the arena floor. You notice a large platform with a ladder, that is on your spot and you ask, "what is this?", to which they point to tag and walk away.

The tag reads: Start telling your story how this widget/idea changed your life and why it could change theirs. Keep telling the story as you move up the ladder. Keep moving and telling. Live great! Doug A bell goes off to signify the start and all at once your competition starts in to explaining the details of the widget/idea.  But you notice that most prospects in the audience are ignoring the white noise rising from the floor or are utterly confused by it.

You look at the tag again and say, "okay here we go".  And as you tell your story, you take notice that gradually those in the audience start paying attention to you. You realize that your story is the platform that raises you above the rest.


The story is where the connection starts.  The listener is able to place themselves as the presenter or even in the audience, and hopefully start the journey to learning what this business is all about. 

Your story is what helps you stand out. 

Keeping moving and telling!

Some succeed because...

“Some succeed because they are destined to, but most succeed because they are determined to.”  Unknown


I saw this quote today it got me to thinking.  It covers two main themes that are I believe are essential in your online marketing.   First that there is success, which is obvious, but equally obvious, is that there is failure.  Second is what you put into the journey whether by strength or will or ability aids you along the way.


The marketing of your self, product, business, or idea makes no difference to me whether it is online or offline.  The process differs but the message can be and should be same.  We might have different audiences or demographics that will need to be considered, but the core message of how this widget adds value to someone’s life, is the same.


Why are some successful and some failures then?  Kevin Hogan says the main factor on why we purchase something is how it is presented…its presentation.  I remember one of my first mentors in business, Arne Fahlen.  He pulled me aside one day as I was cooking at his restaurant.  As he pointed to the plates of food that I had prepared, as they waited to be picked up by the wait staff, he said in a thick Swedish accent, “You know what the most important thing about serving food is?”  “Presentation, you have to make good quality food, but you have to make it look even better.”  Then he looked at me. “What do you think we should do with this food?”  I said with a nervous quiver, “Make it look better?”  He smiled and said, “Good job!” And then walked into the back of the store and left for another engagement.


But that has stuck with me to this very day.  To be successful in your marketing we need to present it and make it look appealing.


That takes me back to the second point as the author makes in the quote above…”determined to.”  After my lesson in the restaurant, from that point forward it took a determination by me to take the extra time to provide a better presentation for our clientele.  So it will take an additional resolve by you in delivering a beneficial and appealing message to your audience?


You have a great story.  Now determine that you will be successful in telling it.

Jon Rooks entering new territory in downtown Grand Rapids

Jon Rooks, Parkland Properties have been in business for close to 25 years.  Throughout their history, they have been developing and renewing hundreds of residential and office spaces, as Rooks and his team have grown dramatically within the last few years to over 200 employees.  

For Rooks and Parkland Properties, growth is always a must of business.  It is of no surprise that Jon Rooks is venturing into new territory with the Monroe North Fitness Center located in the lower level of the Boardwalk Condominiums. Rooks goal is to keep this wonderful fitness facility open.  The prior fitness center owner struggled with it. With Rooks’ proven track record of seeing achievable opportunities it is sure to be a great success.


Monroe North Fitness will be staffed from 8am – 8pm Monday through Friday and also Saturdays from 10am – 2pm.  Rooks recent hires of Michael Byle and Julie Zucker to manage the center, Jolie Mossner as the lead personal trainer, are moves that show his commitment in making the Monroe North fitness center a success.


The basic membership is available for $19.95 a month and a premium option for $29.95 which gives you 24-hour access and group training classes, such as Zumba and Pilates.


To learn more about Monroe North Fitness Center, you can contact them for a tour of the renovated facility by calling them at 616-913-9123

Best Salon and Day Spa in Rockford Michigan

So where is the best salon and day spa at?  Right here in Rockford, Michigan.  Yes Rockford is the home to Genesis Salon and Day Spa.  We recently had the opportunity to sit down with the owners in their brand new location.  Genesis has recently moved into their very own location, which at 500 Northland Dr., Rockford,  MI, 49341.  And with the new location they have increased their ability to provide the best nail services (manicures and pedicures), the best hair cut and styling, and the best body care and day spa. In listening to their story and the desire to create beautiful masterpieces, you need to take the time and come visit their new Rockford location.  Whether it is a new style or a new color or new look, stop in to say hi.  You will see what all the buzzzzz is about!!

Online Marketing 2 Success Making Monday Great

We here Online Marketing 2 Success want to tell you about a social media tool that might be worth noting.  MyCurrent -  A free desktop application that streams Facebook and Twitter updates in a format similar to a stock ticker on your screen.

  • What is MyCurrent and why would you want to use it?

    MyCurrent is an app on your desktop that streams your social media content from Facebook or Twitter in a ticker-tape format.  Think about when you watch any of the news channels and they have a stream of updates moving across the bottom of your screen.   MyCurrent allows you to continue working on your computer while the feeds stream across the bottom of your screen, much like a newscast ticker tape.

Here are some other FAQ's from their website...

  • Can I interact with posts as they come across my screen?

    Yes - you can click on links and profiles that will take you to that page in your browser. If you are logged into the applicable account then you will be able to interact from there. Future versions will include the ability to interact, just as if you were on the website.

  • Can I Tweet or update my Facebook Status?

    Yes, mouse over the feed icon (Facebook or Twitter) at the right of the feed you want to update. A window will appear with a compose icon you can click to bring up a window for you to tweet or update your Facebook Status.

  • What if I can't read something fast enough or some of the feed has already passed through the app?

    You can pause the feed by mousing over it. You may also rewind it by clicking and dragging it to the right. Release and move your mouse off the feed and to start scrolling again.


If you are looking for an easy way to follow your social activity, this may be a helpful tool.

Go make it a successful Monday!

More Website Traffic

Check out these great tips for our"Make it Happen Mondays" website traffic update.

This Monday - Use YouTube to "Make it Happen for your Business"

  • YouTube is increasing it's attractiveness for online users. So be sure to add a Call to Action at the end of all your videos. Get creative - come up with an offer, free gift..
  • Maximize YouTube Video Description Box.  Once you upload a video make sure to fill in all the description video box.. Insert your URL with your call to action at the end.
  • URL's make a big impact... insert your URL everywhere possible when using YouTube for your next video.